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Appellation: Valpolicella DOC Organic wine certified by ICEA – Reg. CEE 2092/91

Producer: Vin & Organic Products Srl – Pescantina (Verona) Italy
Vineyard area: The vineyards of the Valpolicella are located in the hills to the north of Verona..

Grape Variety: Corvina (60%); Rondinella (35%); Molinara (5%).

Vinification: Traditional with maceration on the skins for 12-15 days, frequent remontages and fermentation at controlled temperature of 25-27° C. After settling, malolactic fermentation takes place. The wine is stored in stainless steel tanks for 3-4 months; then, it is assembled and bottled.

Average age: 3 years

Alcohol: 12-13% by volume

Characteristics: It is a delicate scented wine, dry of taste and full-bodied.

Matching with Foods: Excellent combined with first courses such as rice and peas, pasta and beans, and bigoli (a kind of pasta) with duck.
Serve at 18-20° C/64-68 F.

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